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Comparing flats under construction and ready to occupy flats; which is the better choice?

Ready to occupy flats in Thrissur

Property purchase is a significant decision for everyone. It’s an emotional choice that should be made with extreme caution. After purchasing, you won’t move homes very soon; rather, you won’t sell them unless you can find a better offer or you need a bigger house. A chance to escape the dangers of purchasing residences that are still under construction and are likely to experience significant delays are provided by the resale property market, particularly the new, ready-to-move-in portion. Along with other advantages, properties that are ready for habitation decrease the possibility of being duped. Apartments that are already completed in the same neighbourhood are more expensive than those that are still under construction. For a ready-to-move-in apartment, you should be in good financial shape because the builder won’t give you the keys until you’ve paid the full cost of the home. Your house loan should be approved, at which point your EMIs for the entire loan amount should begin right away.
On the other hand, paying for an apartment that is still being built out is simpler because you would have to spread out your payments over a longer period of time. You can move in and start living there right away if the house is ready. Your home will be yours immediately after payment, unlike an under-construction property where you must wait three to five years to deliver your unit. Project delays are significantly more recurring when it comes to real estate that is still being built, and there are numerous examples when builders have deceived customers. Choosing a builder for a property that is still under consequence requires caution. You won’t have to pay any rent after you move into your new house. You simply need to pay your house loan’s EMI. You will have to pay rent and EMI while living in a property that is still being built for a number of years. CIDBI builders have the best ready to occupy flats in Thrissur.

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