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Do’s and Don’ts in Apartment Living

Luxury Apartments in Thrissur , Budget Flats in Thrissur When you own a luxury apartment, you should consider a few Do’s and Don’ts when living on it. Some common Do’s and Don’ts are discussed here.r

Garbage and Waste disposal

Keeping your surroundings neat and clean is one of the primary habits one should follow while living in a place. You should avoid throwing waste papers or plastic bags in drainage pipes and toilets. Make a habit of keeping your inner space and outer areas neat and clean. Don’t let the dirty dishes linger in your apartment.

Be a good neighbor

One of the best things that happen is having a good and understanding neighbor. In the same way, try to be a good neighbor to others also. A good neighbor will always build relations. The living atmosphere will be smooth and cherish the life of people staying around you. Your family members, especially kids will get good friends and mates whom they help to build their career. Don't ever be a bad tenet to your neighbors.

Examine your house carefully

You should always make a better watch on your living space upon shifting. Check for any flaws water leakage, wall cracks, or paint issues, and report to the builder initially to take further precautions. Check all outlets are toilets facilities are working properly and can ask your builder to fix it before you officially move into the place. In case if you missed anything that has been already damaged and reported on time, there may be a chance that you probably need to take responsibility later. CIDBI, the top builder for Luxury Apartments in Thrissur offers the best proximities and amenities to its clients.

Feel it like your homes

Make your apartment a better place to live the most sophisticated way. Make it a memorable place and something that always welcomes you and feels like a special place. Decorate your rooms and other areas with wall paintings, art, stickers in your way and make them unique and personalized. Always clean your room and keep it neat and clean. Don't throw wastes at areas, but on dustbins, and dispose of it at the proper time before getting it worse with a bad odor. CIDBI, the builders of top budget flats in Thrissur always have a memorable living atmosphere with its apartments.

Parking & Visiting Rights

Tenants and residents have the right to invite guests and are responsible for the actions of their visitors/guests. Make sure your visitors are behaving as per the rules of your living locations and do not make disturbances to your neighbors or properties. Always keep in mind that your visitors are your sole responsibility. Likewise, Residents have the right to get a parking badge or sticker on the vehicle. The resident must be given parking space for their vehicle as per their apartment resident rights. Use always your allocated space and be responsible

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