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Apartments come in many different shapes and sizes. Some are incredibly basic and simple, for the better. Luxury apartments also exist, comprising of dozens upon dozens of in-unit, in-building, and surrounding amenities. Beyond the common questions of how many bedrooms, the price, and appearance of an apartment unit, it is equally important to know what facilities are in an apartment building as well. Luxurious expectations aside, there are some amenities you should not compromise on if you are looking forward to be content in an apartment. CIDBI CANDOR offers the best amenities for you.

Power Backup:

If you live in a city known for frequent power outages, power back up is mandatory. Some localities are prone to power cuts, hence ensure that the home you are buying comes with power backup.

Water Supply:

Water scarcity is a worst condition in metropolitan cities. You can check if there is constant water supply in the apartment. Also its better to check the purity of water.

Security Services:

Basic security provisions are a must in every apartment block. But ensure that those services wont affect privacy of people living there.

Recreational Facilities

Play area for kids, gymnasiums, swimming pools or tennis courts are advisable. A few cardio machines, a small set of free weights, some gym mats and a few exercise machines are needed to set up a mini gym. It may not look like a full-scale gym but you can get in a sufficient workout. Pools are so popular in modern time. A pool to chill and refresh is always a good option.

Waste Disposal

Keenly check waste disposal methods followed in your apartment complex, check if the apartment has a system to ensure that.


Ensure if your apartment is pet-friendly. The Younger Generation is fond of pets, especially dogs. If there is a private area in the building for pets, or a dog park, that will be too kind and attract pet lovers to the core.

Free Wi-Fi Facility

Access to free Wi Fi is a must in an apartment. Make sure WiFi has access to public places.

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