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3 BHK Flat for families

3 bhk flat for sale in thrissur

While buying a dream house, many people have to go through this question “2 BHK or 3 BHK”? This is a very confusing question for sure but no worries, CIDBI have the solution. The BHK is the acronym for ‘Bedroom, Hall, Kitchen'. A flat's space division depends on this. The number put before BHK represents the number of bedrooms in the flat. For instance, 3BHK stands for 3 bedrooms with a hall and a kitchen. While a 1 BHK is suitable for a couple or a nuclear family, a 2 BHK or 3 BHK is usually favoured by a bigger family.

CIDBI’s CHALET was built to be a solution to the problem of limited housing in urban areas. Therefore,we usually build flats in a strategic location and close to places that are frequently visited by the public, such as office areas, hospitals, schools, and shopping centres. By living in a flat, one can easily access these important places. Living in flat saves your money and energy. The cost of renting a flat is relatively cheap. Flat is indeed intended for Low-Income Communities. Chalet foresees the needs and necessities in modern life and focus on each and every detail in construction.

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